Fall Fun: A Fall Nature Walk

I hope you have some family fun planned of the weekend too! If you're in need of it I have a little inspiration for you today! If the sun is shining and you're blessed enough to be enjoying Fall like temperatures (it's 90 today in sunny SC) why not go out and enjoy the outdoors? Print out this fun little scavenger hunt checklist, grab a pair of binoculars, and take your littles exploring. 

Fall Fun: Pick a Circle Gather a Square

This morning we read a cute new Fall story. I found it at our local library and thought it was perfect identifying less familiar shapes along with more familiar ones too. The story tells about a family trip to a pumpkin farm. As the characters visit they identify shapes they find throughout the trip. (Rectangle doors, circle sun, diamond kite, etc.)

Fall Fun: Candy Corn Counting

We're using candy corn this morning to practice numeracy! Nothing motivates us quite like one of our favorite Fall treats! To keep this activity developmentally appropriate for my 3 year old we only used numbers up to 5, however, it could easily be adapted for older learners by adding additional numbers to the count....

30 Days for Home

As I adjust to being a mama to 3 three and under I'm learning to let go of things and trying really hard to be more laid back, but there are things that just can't be neglected. I run laundry, vacuum, do dishes, etc. daily. However,  as I stood in the kitchen this morning noticing the dust, finger prints, and watermarks on our kitchen cabinets I felt overwhelmed thinking how many areas of our home are getting neglected...

Fall Fun: Name Recognition Leaves

The forecast for this week looks way too warm for it to feel like Fall but the calendar says on Thursday the seasons change. So we're changing it up a bit this week and swaying from our alphabet theme to do something special. This week we will...

That One Thing

It's that one thing that's getting in the way or that one thing we can't find. Maybe it's that one thing you forgot to do or the one thing that had to crash down in the middle of nap time. It happens to us all the time. We try to have it all together but no matter what there is always that one thing. Please tell me I'm not the only one who

DIY: Tactile Letter Cards

Getting as many senses involved in learning will always help our little learners. Today I'm sharing tactile letter cards I made with a great back-to-school clearance find from the Target Dollar Spot. These super fun felt letters were just $0.30. How could I resist?!

Corduroy: Sorting Bears

Happy Monday! It's the beginning of a new week and a new letter! This week we're learning all about the letter B with the help of everyone's favorite bear, Corduroy! Monday's are our ...

Letter B Week Supplies

B is for BEAR! Corduroy the bear in particular. Corduroy is arguably the most loved and well known teddy bear in children's literature. His hunt for his missing button also provides great inspiration for our letter B theme as well.

Ten Red Apples: Play-doh Apple Tree

This was our favorite activity this week. Does it get any better than learning with Play-doh?! If you ask my 3 year old it most definitely does not! :) This morning as we reread our story Ten Red Apples by Pat Hutchinson we pulled out the Play-doh and got to work reading and playing...um, I mean, learning- it was hard to tell the difference! :)